Perfect protection systems to safeguard the future of our soldiers!

We develop and produce passive and reactive protection elements for all-round protection of air, sea and land forces! The product range extends, for example, from light protection on wheeled vehicles to polyvalent protection variants against kinetic energy projectiles (KE), shaped charges (SC) and explosive formed projectiles (EFP) for medium and heavy combat vehicles.

  • All-round protection against shelling, booby traps and bazooka (RPG) threats

  • Roof protection against artillery fragments, bomblets and AP ammunition

  • #0a0a26

We manufacture and supply numerous protection modules for a large number of current vehicles and cover almost all areas of an object. Our know-how and our innovative solution concepts are used in a wide variety of vehicles. Various battle tanks and armoured personnel carriers of different user states or light scout and reconnaissance vehicles are just a few examples.

  • KPz Leopard 2

  • KPz Leclerc

  • SPz Puma

  • SphWg Fennek

  • PzH 2000

  • MTW M113

  • and many more …

We set new standards in roof and mine protection. We also make a significant contribution to the protection of soldiers with the production of passive and reactive protective elements for defence against shaped charges.

In the development of our protection technologies, the best possible protection for the objects of the armed forces is a particular focus.

In doing so, we maintain a balance between the three factors of cost, installation space and weight.

EQUAL weight between the factors

Low costs

High efficiency

Low installation space

Strong efficiency

Minimum weight

Maximum protection


GEKE Schutztechnik has its headquarters in the energy town of Lichtenau (Westphalia), one of the largest municipalities in NRW. With 15 villages, 192 square kilometres and a population of just under 11,000, it is one of ten municipalities in the district of Paderborn, whose district and university city of the same name, Paderborn, is only a few kilometres away.

With faculties in the fields of natural sciences, mechanical engineering, as well as electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics, Paderborn is considered one of the leading regions for natural sciences and engineering.

Many regional companies benefit from this orientation and often have their origins in research and teaching.